The Best Craps strategy will help you to win

Best Craps strategy in casinos

Many professional gamers advise novice users to choose online games with a simple and dynamic story, among which Craps is particularly famous. This dice game is known to people for a long time, back in the days when there was no Internet in our world.

As soon as computer software providers created the first programs for playing Craps, many users were very happy with this novelty. The main advantage of best strategy for Craps is the rules, which are clear and simple, and there are a lot of odds for winning Craps.

How to play Craps

To learn playing dice, a person does not need to have any special skills and knowledge of higher mathematics. The users will only need to read the instructions and best Craps strategy for the game and remember all the combinations that will lead them in the future to win. Instructions for the gameplay are presented on any online site where there is a tab Craps.

To play it, the participants of the round pick up two cubes, which are marked with special signs. The number of players in this table competition can be from two to 20 people. Participants of the battle in turn throw cubes on the playing field with markings. As a rule, the users roll dices, while other participants bet on different combinations.

The gameplay has a structure consisting of two rounds. First, the task of gamers – is to determine the number that will give the dice after the first roll. For example, if you have a combination of 4 to 10, except 7, the game goes to the second round. But if you get the numbers 2, 3 and 12 as a result, you will automatically lose and your turn will go to the next participant.

Best strategies

If you want not only to enjoy the gameplay, but also to win real money in Craps, start following the best Craps strategy that will certainly lead you to victory.

  • Strategy 1. Always give preference to the safest deal on the table. If you have the opportunity to make big bets and are not afraid to lose a lot of money, in this case you can certainly take risks. But if this is not the case, then prefer secure transactions, as do many experienced and successful gamers.
  • Strategy 2. Take chances by safe bets. Choose the simplest options of best Craps betting strategy. Remember that the safer your bet, the more time you can hold out in the game. The simplest, basic bet in the game of dice is the “pass line” bet; it is also the safest, with a low casino win of 1.41%.
  • Strategy 3. Bet on “don’t pass line”. This will give you a significant advantage over the casino. Such a Craps best bets strategy is an alternative to the “pass line” bet, where the values 2 or 3 are winning, and 7 or 11 are losing.

Best virtual platforms for Craps

For American users in 2019 the best virtual clubs for playing Craps are:

  • Grand Parker Casino. Virtual club, which offers gamers great opportunities to compete in different games, including Dice. Today you can find more than 120 slots, more than 10 types of Video Poker and many table games here.
  • AC Casino. Another popular playground, which despite its small size has a high user rating. The graphics and functionality of the games, including Craps, amazes with its innovative characteristics.
  • High Noon. This site appeared not so long ago, but today many American gamers choose to play Craps on it.

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