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While the betting table layout of the craps game may seem complicated at first sight, learning the rules of play and the main bets is far from difficult. And with the help of the best mobile craps applications, mastering the game is even easier and more convenient!

Basic Rules Of A Craps Game – What Is The Best Bet For A Novice?

Trying to predict the outcome of a roll of two dice is the player’s task during a round of craps. The most popular and simplest bet type is wagering on the Pass Line.

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  1. You win if the roll “passes” – delivers an outcome of 7 or 11.
  2. Should the dice show a “craps” result – which encompasses three outcomes: 2, 3, 12 – the roll didn’t pass and you outright lose your bet.
  3. If the dice delivers any number other than 7/11 for the pass line and 2/3/12 for the craps, the game has reached a “point”. In this case, the dice are rolled until they show either the “point” number or 7.
  4. If the dice eventually show the “on” (“point”) number, the pass line bettor wins.
  5. If a 7 appears on the dice first, the pass line bettor loses their wager.

As a beginner, it’s enough to know the rules for the pass line bet to play craps for fun. There are numerous other types of bets that you can master gradually.

Other Main Bets In The Craps Game

Beside the Pass Line bet, the novice-friendly wager types in craps are:

  • Don’t pass – the craps result in the initial roll or 7 in the point rolls will bring you victory.
  • Come – identical to the pass line bet, but can be made before any roll, while the pass line one is available only before the first roll.
  • Don’t come – identical to the don’t pass bet, but you can make it before any roll.

This is not an exhaustive list of craps bets – you can learn the more complex wagering types as you gain more experience in the game.

Play Craps Game On Mobile – Download Free Craps Casino Game

Thanks to free mobile apps, a new craps player gets to practice and have fun before switching to a real-money casino.

  • Awe Craps. A highly realistic craps simulator developed by 24x7digital for iOS devices. Full betting tables, dice with 3D animations, dealer warnings, and “stick calls” for an authentic experience. Choose from 5 dice types with varied probabilities.
  • Craps – Casino Style! An app developed by Phonato for craps practice on Android and iPhone devices. The tables look authentic, and the gameplay has smooth animations and engaging graphics.
  • Craps Master 3D. In this iOS app, the developer AreaSixtyOne has fully recreated the craps experience of taking a seat at a table in a land-based casino. For added authenticity, it employs true physics in dice rolls. Two play modes (practice and ranked) and 4 ways of shooting the dice.

Your best option is downloading the craps game from the official app store of your mobile platform. Third-party offers found online may contain harmful malware.

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