Craps Payouts: Roll the Dice and Win Big Payouts from the Craps Table

Craps payouts: the brief guide to understand your chances

At craps payouts, the only result that is going to pay you is if you guess the dice sides right. All the players make their bets against the casino placing their chips on the layout.

Craps odds payouts depend on the pure chance of dice rolling. Deciding what bet to make, the gamblers can consider all the odds of different dice combinations or simply trust their intuition. Here you can get more practice.

Different betting for craps payouts

Craps table payouts differ from type to type of bets:

  1. Pass bet – the wide and most common type;
  2. Don’t Pass bet – work the opposite of Pass bets;
  3. Any Seven – the bet on a seven to be rolled;
  4. Craps – the bet on a two, three and twelve to be rolled;
  5. Place bet – the bet on a four, five, six, eight, nine and ten rolled before a seven;
  6. Lay bet – the bet on a seven rolled before a chosen number;
  7. Field bet – the bet on a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve to become the following rolled number;
  8. Hard bet – the bet on a number composed from two same dice sides: one and one, two and two and so on.

After bets are placed, players take turns in shooting two dices provided by the stickman, and each of such rounds can be divided in “come-out” phase and “point” phase. The first shot is a come-out one, and the appeared dice combination may or may not trigger a point shot. If the combination shows a two, three or twelve, Pass bets fail and Don’t Pass bets succeed. If it is a seven and eleven, Pass bets succeed. All other sets, which are a four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten, trigger the point shot and set the point number that has to appear once more before a seven for Pass bets to win.

Probability of varied craps payouts

Various payout statistics is usually shown in the craps payouts chart. Such a chart includes true odds, payout odds and the overall house edge for each particular bet. This information helps in calculating the probability of one or another payout. Different bets have different probabilities:

  • Pass bets have the winning chances 251 to 244;
  • Don’t Pass bets have the winning chances 976 to 949. These have the biggest chances of pay among all craps payouts as well as Pass bets;
  • Any Seven bets have the winning chances 5 to 1;
  • Craps bets have the winning chances 8 to 1;
  • Place bets have the winning chances 7 to 6 on a six and eight, 7 to 5 on a five and nine, 9 to 5 on a four and ten;
  • Lay bets have the opposite winning chances to place bets;
  • Field bets have the winning chances 5 to 4;
  • Hard bets have the winning chances 35 to 1 on a two and twelve, 8 to 1 on a four and ten, 10 to 1 on a six and eight.

If you really want to become a proficient player in craps, this information is incredibly important for you in order to develop your own strategy of placing bets, minimizing your losses and increasing your chances to win. And you also read :

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